Digital Board, Laptop & Computers

Digital Board for Office Meetings
Smart Board for School education
Digital Board for College Education
Modern Laptop supply in Offices & Colleges
Advance Laptop & Computer supply
Desktop Supply for Call Centers
Computer Supply for Office work
Desktop Supply for Offices
Computer Supply for School Computer Lab
Laptop Supply for College Students
Computer Lab for Schools & Colleges
Computer Supply for Call Centres
Computer Supply for Offices
Computer Supply for College Computer Lab
Computer Supply for College Computer Lab
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We provide “Digital Board, Laptops, Computers, Smart Board, Printer, projector, Tablets and other accessories” of several companies at wholesale & best rates to several Companies, Industries, Corporates, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals and Banks.

We provide warranty, replacement, repair and aftersales services on our each electronic products. 


We provide following products (premium brands) in these configurations:-

  1. Digital Board (Touch screen) :- 65 inch, 75 inch, 86 inches.
  2. Laptop :- 14 inch, i3, i5 & i7 generation with all configurations of premium brands.
  3. Printer
  4. Xerox machine
  5. Projector
  6. Tablets (with educational contents)


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